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Herbs that have beneficial effect on the urinary system

Herbs that have beneficial effect on the urinary system

Urinary Disorders
Unhealthy urinary system triggers many body problems, such as urinary tract infections or kidney stones. It has been demonstrated that herbal medicine can be used successfully for treating urinary disorders and for keeping this system healthy. There have been many studies that validated the beneficial effects of herbs on the urinary system.

The characteristics of the herbs
Urinary tract infections are considered to be the second most common infection of the body by the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse. The urinary system contains the kidneys, urethra, bladder and ureters and in case one of these organs has an infection or a dysfunction, the entire system is affected. To treat such infections, antimicrobial and diuretic herbs are used for promoting urination and for helping the urinary system to flush out the toxins.

Bearberry/uva ursi herb
Uva ursi is a plant has been used in Europe for many years for treating urinary problems. It has been found out that uva ursi has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, being recommended for treating urinary disorders.

Golden rod herb
Golden rlob grows in North America. It’s a bright yellow herb that is well known for its kidney and urinary tract tonic properties. It has been found that the golden rod is active against certain bacteria, such as E. coli – considered to be the first culprit in urinary tract infections.

Pipsissewa flowering herb
Pipsissewa has been used by the native Americans for ages for treating kidney issues. It has been found that this herb has many anti-fungal properties and that it has antioxidant compounds, contributing to the repair of damaged cell walls.

Kidney and urinary tract disorders must be brought to medical attention as soon as possible, as they may become painful and damaging. It’s recommended to use herbal medicine under the surveillance of an experienced practitioner.

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