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Watch your body before obesity

Watch your body before obesity


Obesity rates have been increasing more and more. This is due to the way you eat in terms of speed and also what you eat. Many people are accustomed to eat the first thing they encounter due to lack of time, which makes your diet is not balanced and consume it easier rather than more nutritious.

Although many times how easy it is nutritious, there are many types of fast food preparation containing most of the food groups that should be eating daily.

To control and prevent obesity becoming a problem far beyond how you look, you should keep in mind that not only many times you do not look like you want, if your body is being harmed in some way both internally and externally . For the control of obesity are many variables that you’ve probably witnessed some. There are from typical diets we all do to operations that are performed much more noticeable and positive.

There are three different types of operations related to the control of obesity, same to be carried out by specialists with previous studies the operation and not all are candidates for these operations. The operations are the Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Banding.

The Gastric Bypass is where the stomach is divided into two parts, the smallest being the only one in contact with food. The Gastric Sleeve is that 85% of the stapled stomach, holding only 15% contact with food. The last but equally important is the Lap Band, which consists of placing a silicone band around the stomach to reduce its capacity.

Now you have all the information related to the operations control of overweight , you should see your doctor and after some research, you have to carry it out. Much success with your operation and remembers to take care of our body not only for aesthetics, if not for health.

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