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The sleeve gastrectomy: surgical intervention

The sleeve gastrectomy: surgical intervention


Want to give an end to your weight problems once and for all? Here I have the solution! Change the course of your life and make up your mind to enjoy the benefits of being thin, the gastric sleeve . Rest assured, because the sleeve gastrectomy is a fairly simple procedure that is also safe and very efficient.

The recovery time is extremely fast as 7 days of rest enough and 2 of hospitalization for you to continue without any problems your daily routine.

The best thing about this surgery is that once you get the make, you can still eat all kinds of food, just do it automatically in much smaller proportions, because what happens in the operation, reducing the size of your stomach, so you be satisfied with as promptly. The sleeve gastrectomy is the division of your stomach into two parts, one of them is performing the normal functions of your stomach with a capacity of size much better.

Another of the great wonders of the gastric sleeve is that it reduces mortality by 40% of those with obesity. Take the next step and make up your mind to improve your health and look radiant!

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