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Lose Weight for Your Health

Lose Weight for Your Health


The fact that weight loss is no longer an aesthetic. Unfortunately the high rate of obesity threatens the health and often the lives of people. Not only adults are exposed to fatal diseases, children and adolescents are also at risk because diseases overweight.

That’s why we invite you to lose weight for your health.

There are different ways to lose weight but are more efficient surgery. There are three types of surgeries with the most efficient results:

1. Gastric Bypass: divide the stomach into two parts. Making the fraction will receive food and the biggest part loses contact with them. This is for the stomach to signal satiety to the brain when the small piece of the stomach has been the limited amount of food.

2. Gastric Banding: the application of a silicone band around the stomach, which makes the stomach feel full and so to lose weight effectively with the feeling of satiety.

3. Gastric Sleeve: This operation reduces the stomach size by 85% by staples. What makes the food eaten is three times less than what is used, thus achieving effective weight loss in the patient.

Now that you know the best ways to lose weight , contact with experts and remember that losing weight is no longer a matter of aesthetics; lose weight for your health.

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