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Control what and how much you eat

Control what and how much you eat


Delicious food is something that I think every human being on this life enjoys. But it is a double-edged sword, as there are people who enjoy it and then feel guilty when ingested, there are people who feel no guilt by eating large quantities. It is best to balance the two, as they say, “neither too much nor so so”.

This is why I have a proposal I can help you control what you eat in quantity, time and place. What I recommend is the gastric sleeve that I will explain below carefully.

The sleeve gastrectomy is an operation which does have up to three times less space to eat. What I mean by this is that you’ll be able to eat three times less than what you eat normally. This is done because it reduces the size of your stomach putting food staples to touch a small part of the stomach, making the feeling of satiety closer than you normally would.

This and other operations to reduce weight, should be treated by specialists. If you’re thinking of submitting to any operation of this or any other kind, you should turn to experts to find out if you are a candidate. I assure you that your life will change operation after a gastric sleeve , try it!

This method may ingest up to three times less amount of food by reducing the size of your stomach using staples.

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