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Breast implants

Breast implants


One of the myths regarding breast surgery is that the implants have to be changed every 10 years. This is a very simple answer: not true, although there are some times when you might need to change.

The rate of rupture of breast implants currently is 1% per year.

So the risk is small at first, but increases over time. If you are a young woman, when you have a breast augmentation will have the chance of rupture if you decide to increase your breasts even more. Unfortunately we can not predict when and how this will happen. It can happen after 5 years, 20 years or never.

Another reason is that as you age, have children, give the breast, increase or lose weight, the skin loses elasticity. Then, after breastfeeding can observe a decrease in the volume of breast tissue. But this does not mean that the implants are broken. If the skin does not shrink enough, your breasts may appear flat.

In addition, the ligaments that support the weight of the breasts may stretch and weaken. This causes sagging of the breast. Plastic surgeons call this laptosis, but this can happen or not you have breast implants.

The implants add weight to the breast lift and accelerate the skin to some extent, especially larger implants.

When the condition of the tissues is impaired, the shape of your breasts as well. With breast implants, tissue can go down from where they were initially, causing a deformity. If you are not happy with this aspect of your breasts, you can submit to a mastopexy or breast lift. If you have had breast implants for more than five years, it would be more reasonable to want to increase your breasts. If implants are unbreakable, do not need to change them.

One case that we discuss is capsular contracture, which occurs when the scar capsule around the breast implant tightens. This is not white or black, is gray. Perhaps you have a very mild capsular contracture, in which the implant is more noticeable but the breast is very well and probably do not want any more surgery, but if the problem progresses, the shape of your breasts may be distorted. In severe capsular contracture, the tension is very uncomfortable and in this case you need more surgery.

Before deciding to submit to one of these plastic surgery, check all the above with your doctor, because maybe I could tell you the very annoying to have to submit to a revision surgery.

Finally remember that when you make good decisions about breast implant size and the proper techniques there is always a great result for maximum longevity.

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