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How To Treat Stains On Face

How To Treat Stains On Face


The spots on the face are changes in the coloration of the skin of the face, which can be presented in different sizes and in various shades of brown. They generally appear on the cheeks, forehead, neck, upper lip or nose. Because disfigure the appearance of the face, it is basically a cosmetic problem and not a medical complication or health problem.

These spots appear most often in females than in males (although this does not mean that men can not present this type of disturbance), especially in the period of pregnancy due to the large hormonal disorder that occurs.

The main cause of the appearance of these nasty stains on the face is sunlight. It is important to consider that we are not just talking about sunlight people receive when they come to sunbathe for hours, but also the daily visible light which contains all the individuals from the first moment in which leave their home.

Fortunately, there are two important treatments to combat this type of stains. One is to completely avoid the sun’s visible light using a sunscreen that suits your type of skin. The other is to apply a lightening cream at night to clear the spots, ensuring that they are prepared from kojic acid or hydroquinone.

Finally, some useful tips when it comes to avoiding the appearance of spots on the face are: avoid sunbathing during pregnancy, avoid exposure to sunlight if it is consuming pills pregnancy, protect the skin all the time a good sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure during peak hours (from 11 to 15) and caps protect the face.

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