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How To Clarify Sunspots

How To Clarify Sunspots


Sometimes known as age spots, sunspots are spots that appear on the surface of the skin after continuous exposure to the sun. The spots usually appear on the hands and face, although it can develop in any area of ​​the body that often receive large amounts of sunlight.

There are several remedies for spots that are home and act effectively in the removal of skin blemishes.

Lemons are one of the most common home remedies, cutting a lemon and rub the pulp and juice on the spots, these will become clearer over time, the acid content in lemons helps to remove the top layer of skin, reducing the importance of the spots. The red onions are also common as remedies to remove skin spots , like the lemon, the onion is cut and applied directly to the area where the spots have appeared. It is important to use only a red onion as the yellow onion and the lack of acid are not recommended for the spots disappear.

Some people recommend using castor oil to restore the elasticity of the skin and fade sunspots or caused by age and castor oil to help reverse the dryness of the skin while smoothing the surface of the points and allows them to blend with the surrounding skin color. In general, the recommendation is to apply castor oil on the skin twice daily to speed up the softening and progressive decrease in sunspots.

For people who prefer artificial methods to remove skin blemishes, there are products that contain hydroquinone which helps to clear spots if used every day. In extreme cases, undergo a chemical peel may be the best solution for sun spots, the process removes the top layer of the skin, thereby exposing the lower layer is smooth and clear, because of the sensitivity layer newly exposed skin, it is important to stay out of the sun for several days after treatment.

Although many people assume that the age spots or sun occur only after forty years, anyone can develop at any age spots. Prolonged exposure to sunlight dries the skin and greatly increases the chance of developing the points. The only way to avoid this is to avoid direct exposure whenever possible and use a powerful sunscreen when necessary sun exposure.

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