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Stopping obesity in teens

Stopping obesity in teens

Teenage obesity is more and more encountered nowadays, becoming a great concern for parents. Obesity is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle involving sedentary, consumption of sugary drinks, junk food etc. Children suffering from obesity are prone to have health problems such as: heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc.
Parents have the power to prevent obesity in their teens.


  • Teach your children to eat healthy and let them know how important this is for their life. Having a proper nutrition prevents and reverses obesity. Children should get the right amount of whole grains, diary products, vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Determine them to stay away from fast foods, sugars and processed foods. Moreover, teach your children that drinking water is the key element in their healthy life.
  • Check what isĀ  your children eating for lunch at school. most schools offer French fries, pizza and processed foods. Parents must take a stance and ask for raising the standards of lunches offered at school. Teach your kid how to make his healthy lunch that he can prepare.
  • Make sure that the children exercise enough. Even if teens have a physical education class, you have to ensure that physical activity is part of their everyday lives, even when they are not at school. It’s recommended for teenagers to take up sports outside schools, or do hiking or other type of sports that they would enjoy.Both adults and teens must exercise for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • Let your kid know about the risks of losing weight by taking pills. You must make him aware of the fact that losing and keeping weight is not necessarily about the looks, but about the health. Teens have to know that they don’t need to look like a TV star, but that they need a healthy weight, that is not too thin and not too fat, and that they can obtain this with the right diet and exercise.
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