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Solving the obesity issue

Solving the obesity issue

In case you are being told that you have an obesity problem, keep in mind the fact that no one has to have such a problem. Find bellow some tips that will help you solve the obesity problem for good.


  1. If you are being constantly told by your doctor that you have an obesity issue, find a new doctor.
    The doctor should be able to treat your symptoms as they are and not to blame the fat for the side effects.
  2. Test for the illnesses that are related to obesity. If you have a healthy life and good genetics, the results will definitely  be normal.
  3. Take care of yourself and eat healthy food. Eat when you feel hungry and stop eating when you feel full, exercise, drink a lot water and sleep as much as you need to. If you follow these steps and you are still fat, then it means that this is your normal size and that you do not have any obesity problem.
  4. Love your body. Bodies have different shapes and sizes, thus you don’t have to torture it in order to become an ideal made-up body. Remember that starving, taking pills, unnecessary surgeries or other similar tortures make you unhealthy. You don’t have an obesity issue if you feel healthy.
  5. Join some activism by advocating for fair medical treatment addressed to fat people, getting into a fat acceptance group, organizing a fat fashion show etc.
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