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Preventing obesity in children

Preventing obesity in children

Childhood obesity does not refer only to children, but it also include teenagers. Nowadays, more and more children are suffering from obesity, being a great concern for parents. Parents, education and awareness are the key aspects that can help preventing childhood obesity.
Children must adjust their lifestyle to the way their families eat, exercise and spend time. Healthy parents and healthy home can be achieved if your kids are healthy. Parents are the role models for their children. Obese parents usually have obese children. Find bellow some directions that will help you prevent childhood obesity.


  1. Fast food and junk food is everywhere and it’s the main cause for children obesity. Educate your child on the bad effects junk foods has. Avoid eating at fast foods and eat homemade meals.
  2. Parents are working a lot, having less and less time to spend with their children or to prepare meals. Children have a sedentary life, watching TV or plying video games. You have to help your children become active. Limit their time spent in front of TV or computer. Encourage them to do outdoor activities, or you can spend time together as a family doing outdoor activities.
  3. For preventing any potential health problems it’s recommended to visit the doctor regularly. The doctor can tell your if your child is overweight using the body mass index. The doctor will asses the eating habits and the activity and will tell you what you can do to improve things.
  4. The poor eating habits must be changed in order to have a healthy life and to prevent childhood obesity. Do your best to stop the children from eating sweets and reinforce positive behavior with a reward.
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