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Heart diseases caused by obesity

Heart diseases caused by obesity

The heart strained by obesity
Obesity implies an increased body mass, and the person needs more blood flowing to be pumped by the heart. Thus, it’s necessary fro the heart to work harder in order to pump blood in the body, causing heart strain. In case the obese person exerts himself and has a higher heart rate, the strain becomes double, because the blood flowing is too much and the heart cannot handle it.

About the high blood pressure
Obesity may cause high blood pressure, because th person has more body fat, meaning more fatty molecules in the blood vessels. Thus, the blood vessels are constricted and the heart can hardly push the blood  through the vessels.

Heart failure caused by obesity
Obese people have an overworked heart which can trigger heart failure. Obese people are prone  to suffer a heart attack, that is when the muscle of the heart dies because there is no oxygen supply due to the fact that the blood flow gets blocked through a fat-clogged blood vessel.

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