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Naturally curing a migraine

Naturally curing a migraine


What to use: magnesium citrate, riboflavin, fever-few, butter-bur, co-enzyme Q10, essential fatty acids.

  • Magnesium is extremely important because it expands the muscles and it opens up the blood vessels from the brain.
  • Vitamin B12/riboflavin is extremely important for it produces the necessary energy in mitochondria.
  • Fever-few contains parthenolide, an ingredient that limits the inflammation of the blood cells.
  • Butter-bur also contributes to eliminating headaches and inflammations. However, you must be careful when taking this remedy because it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids that is toxic to the liver.
  • Co-enzyme Q10 contributes to improving the energy in the mitochondria of the body cells.
  • The essential fatty acids contain the nutrients that the body needs in order to reduce inflammations of the brain and body.
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