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Treating infertility using the Chinese medicine

Treating infertility using the Chinese medicine

There are texts related to infertility treatments in the ancient Chinese medicine dating from 2,000 years ago.The traditional Chinese medicine offers methods for treating infertility based on the concept of improving the impeded flows of energy. Find bellow more information regarding Chinese infertility treatments.

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The concept of infertility in Chinese medicine

  1. Get familiar with the basic concepts in the traditional Chinese medicine. Learn about Yin and Yang  and the 5 elements theories.
  2. Understand the fundamental concepts about the human body that are relevant to treating infertility: the Meridian system (energy pathways in the human body), Qi (the fundamental energy of life) and temperature (cold and hot).
  3. Learn about the 3 systemic causes that lead to infertility existing in the traditional Chinese medicine: hormonal deficiencies, the blockage of energy and hot and cold improper proportions.

Treating infertility according to traditional Chinese medicine

  1. Chinese medicine can treat both men and women of infertility using the “Conception Meridian”. The readier Qi  flow will facilitate fertility. Address to a specialist in acupuncture.
  2. Learn about the acupressure methods that are considered to contribute to fertility. There are techniques of applying pressure affecting the kidneys, liver and  spleen that aid fertility for both men and women.
  3. See a Chinese expert in herbology. He will advise you what kind of herbs and roots to combine in order to release the Qi, to correct the hormonal imbalances and to adjust the level of hot and cold temperature. He will educate you how to get on the parenthood road.
  4. For female fertility, Qigong and Tai Ch martial arts are usually prescribed.
  5. Read  “Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine”, Jane Lyttleton’s book. It’s important to educate yourself in order to be able to handle infertility using Chinese medicine.
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