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Alternative remedies for treating hypoglycemia

Alternative remedies for treating hypoglycemia

Bellow you can find some alternative remedies for treating hypoglycemmia.

What to use: bilberry capsules, stevia, chromium picolinate.

  • Don't eat simple sugars, like white sugar, brown sugar, fructose, corn syrup and sugars from fruit juices.
    Always check the labels on the products to make sure that they don't contain such sugars.
  • Include into your diet foods like vegetable proteins, foods with high content of fiber. Don't eat unhealthy foods such as processed foods, junk foods, fried foods, salt or refined foods and stay away from alcohol.
  • It's recommended to exercise or to walk 30 minutes each day the least.
  • For normalizing the insulin levels you can take bilberry capsules. However, in case you are pregnant or you are taking blood thinners address to your doctor before taking these capsules.
  • If you feel the need for something sweet have stevia. However, in case you are taking high blood pressure medications you must consult your doctor before taking stevia.
  • Take 200 micrograms of chromium picolinate each day for normalizing the blood sugar and for reducing the hypoglycemia symptoms.
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