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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a disease that damages the liver. In America 4 millions of people suffer from this contagious viral disease. One of them is the famous Pamela Anderson.
This disease can be deadly, but there are cases when patients can live their life in a healthy way.

Hepatitis is caused by the virus called RNA that leads to the inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis can be spread through infected blood.

Persons that are exposed to another persons blood are at risk forĀ  contracting hepatitis C virus. It is considered that drug users have the highest risk, as they share needles.
Most of hepatitis C patients got the disease from sharing needles. Tattoos needles, acupuncture needles or razors can all be sources of hepatitis C if they are not sterilized accordingly.
Hepatitis C can also be contracted through sexual contract and toothbrushes. Hepatitis C virus can be found in the menstrual blood, thus the sexual activity can expose the partner to this blood that carries the virus.
Infected blood can also be released through oral sores or cuts, thus sharing the toothbrush can put you at risk.
Hepatitis C can be contracted through blood transfusions. The blood is always screened for viruses before being used for transfusions, so the cases of contracting hepatitis C through transfusion are quite rare.

Hepatitis C effects
Patients suffering from hepatitis C can have either minor or major symptoms. There are cases when the symptoms are minor and disappear after a short period of time, and there are cases when chronic problems are experienced.
Hepatitis C causes damage of the liver , even liver cancer. This virus can even lead to death.

There are people who think that there is an available vaccine for hepatitis C. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention specified that there is no hepatitis C vaccine. The misunderstanding is caused by the fact that there are vaccines, but for hepatitis A and B.
Researches have not yet found a vaccine for hepatitis C, they are still investigating.

The expert insight
An infant can be transmitted hepatitis C virus from his mother during birth. Currently, it is not known how to prevent this process. However, if there is a chance of virus transmission, most babies don’t contract hepatitis C. It has been estimated that 4 out of 100 babies having their mothers infected, contract the virus. It is believed that the virus cannot be transited through breast milk. Yet, nipples that are cracked or bleeding can expose the infant to infected blood.

Types of hepatitis
There are 7 types of hepatitis: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Vaccines are available for hepatitis A and B. Hepatitis C is the most dangerous type because it causes major liver diseases and can lead to death.

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