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Eating healthy vegetables

Eating healthy vegetables

Healthy Eating


  • Add healthy vegetables in your diet to the foods that you are already having. For instance, if you eat an omelet, add a vegetable to it. It has been estimated that people who have fruits and vegetables 5 times a day, are at low risk of having a heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity or cancers.
  • Many people complain about the fact that vegetables are quite expensive. The advise is to buy them from places where they are cheaper, such as farmer's markets or weekly specials at the grocery. You can find information via the internet. You can find a way to purchase the vegetables at a better price if you really want to and if you are decided to include them into your healthy diet plan. You just need to make better choices.
  • You can control your healthy diet by eating out less. Having meals at home will keep you away from the temptations a restaurant has, such as a nice picture of a dessert. It's recommended to plan your meals and to write down what you will be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case you notice there aren't enough vegetables, just add them.
  • When cooking be careful not to over cook the vegetables because they can lose their nutritional value. Actually, it's better to cook them less. It's recommended to use the steamer for nutrients to remain in the vegetables. Of course, eating raw vegetables is the best way to preserve the nutrients. Always clean the vegetables very well to remove the dirt and the chemicals.
  • If you can afford, buy organic vegetables. Moreover, if you have the means you can have your own garden with vegetables.
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