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Combining flavors for a healthy eating

Combining flavors for a healthy eating

Healthy Eating
Healthy food does not necessarily mean bland and tasteless food. You can easily combine flavors while you are cooking in order to obtain healthy foods.

What to use: recipe books.

  • Combine strong spices with mild ones in order to obtain a flavored meal.
  • Make sure that the ingredients you are using are rich in nutrients, like vitamin A and iron. Avoid using ingredients that contain sodium. Before buying spices, read the nutrition information and make sure they don’t contain too many calories.
  • Prepare soups and stews with fresh vegetables and lean meats and add the flavors that you like most. To eat healthy implies knowing where to skimp and where to splurge, so start with something simple in order to simply combine the flavors.
  • Ask your family to taste the foods. Try different means of combining the flavors in the meals you cook. Look for ides in a recipe book. You will be amazed of how many ideas you will glean.
  • Use various rubs for the lean meats. For instance, thyme and basil can be used for cooking fish, and grated lemon with garlic and black pepper are recommended for chicken citrus rub.
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