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Eating foods that reduce cholesterol

Eating foods that reduce cholesterol



  • Oatmeal helps to lower the cholesterol. You can eat steel cut or whole oatmeal. Instant oatmeals are not as good as the steel cut or the whole oatmeals, as they contain high fructose corn syrup or other elements that might be bad for you.
  • Salmon balances the cholesterol. It's recommended to eat salmon 3 days per week. You can also have mackerel, sardines and tuna.
  • Almonds, even if they are rich in fats, they help increasing the good cholesterol. It's recommended to have almonds in small quantities each day.
  • It's recommended to eat vegetables and fruits each day. Fruits and vegetables should represent 50% of what you are eating per day. 25% should be lean meat (fish/turkey) and the other 25% should be whole grain or starchy vegetable.
  • In case you have high bad LDL cholesterol, you have to exercise 30-60 minutes each day. Exercise will help you lower the cholesterol together with the cholesterol reducing foods.
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