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Why Women Have Cellulite

Why Women Have Cellulite


Men almost never have cellulite, this is a problem of women, so we must assume that there is a hormonal factor about it, being the main protagonists estrogen.

Estrogens are female sex hormones mainly type produced by the ovaries and in smaller amounts by the adrenal glands.

The higher amount of estrogen a woman has, the more prone it will be to suffer from cellulite .

The most dangerous stage for developing cellulite are times of greatest hormonal fluctuation: puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

This was discovered when a group of doctors in France found that men did not suffer from cellulite. It was found that estrogen predisposes women to retain fluids, one of the consequences of cellulite.

In 1960, with the introduction of birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy for women in menopause, the amount of estrogen circulating in the bodies of women, has increased enormously

The specific purpose of estrogen is to prepare the woman’s body to receive and nourish the embryo. However, they also have a protective function and help eliminate toxins from our body.

The reason why many of us do not feel sick when you have cellulite is because the body has fulfilled its task of removing waste from our vital organs.

Men, however, retain these toxins and that is why they are more prone to heart, blood pressure and circulation problems.

In the process of protecting the body, women have cellulite while men have atherosclerosis. These are two manifestations of the same problem: too much stress, poor diet, little exercise and a lot of toxins and foreign matter entering our body, which are impossible to remove.

With a few changes in your daily routine and putting into practice the only method proven to eliminate cellulite in no time you’ll see results!

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