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Ultracavitation, The Sollution For Cellulite

Ultracavitation, The Sollution For Cellulite


Treatment of Ultracavitation, also called “ultrasonic cavitation” is a beautiful device non-invasively exciting new doctors and therapists are used to eliminate unwanted cellulite and fat. Alternatives considered liposuction, these procedures are compared to liposuction, but without any surgical procedures.

This innovative new technology uses sound waves to implode fat cells in small microscopic fluids so the body can naturally eliminate by having them through the urinary tract and the lymphatic system.

Ultracavitation is a very effective procedure that requires only six to ten treatments consisting of 20 to 30 minutes each.

After the initial treatments are completed, maintenance treatments consist of one session every month for 4 months followed by treatment every 4 months. It is completely safe and painless with the results observed in only a few weeks after treatment.

The procedure works to remove the surface buildup of grease and fat that is not graduated. It is applied directly to specific areas of the skin surface using an ultrasound device after a gel that is applied. The results can sometimes be observed after the first treatment with a greater improvement account within a few days.

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