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10 Ways How to Fight Cellulite

10 Ways How to Fight Cellulite


Cellulite is fat that sticks held by the connective tissue beneath the skin. This tissue protrudes and makes the skin surface look like an orange peel. Diet is an important contributing factor to the appearance of cellulite, especially in the woman’s body.

Therefore, it is important to adopt a proper diet that will help reduce the retention of fat under the skin. To combat this enemy do the following:

1. Make small meals and eat more often (4-5 meals a day)

2. Reduce intake of foods containing sodium.
These include:
• Salt;
• Industrialized sauces;
• Salad dressings;
• Tomato sauce;
• Mustard;
• Salted meat and dried fish;
• Cheese;
• Pickles;
• Olives;
• Processed foods;
• Frozen peas;
• Regular bread;

3. Reduce alcohol intake to 1-3 drinks per week.

4. Visit the gym and exercising more often. The exercise helps get rid of fat retention. You should keep in mind that the frequency of exercise is what matters, (a good exercise, for example, is a walk of 45 minutes each day 5 times a week).

5. Increase your fiber intake by eating foods such as whole grains, legumes, barley, oats, flax seeds and green salads and tubers such as carrots.

6. Put the salt in your cooking with lemon juice, vinegar and spices.

7. When buying food, read the product labels and avoid buying foods that are high in sodium.

8. When you eat in a restaurant, ask how will be cooked the dish.

9. Consume two servings of dairy products containing 2.1% fat.

10. Consumption:
• Red meat once a week;
• Chicken – one or two times a week;
• Fish – once or twice a week;
• Legumes – once a week;
• Fat food – once a week.

It is true that if you follow these 10 simple rules, you see the results. Try it! The only thing you lose is the cellulite.

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