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Treating second degree burns

Treating second degree burns

Second degree burns are dangerous, thus immediate treatment is needed.

What to use: antibiotic ointment, gauze.

  • Use cool water for soaking the burn.
    Take a clean and cool wash cloths and put it on the burn during the day.
  • After the bur in soaked, use an antibiotic ointment for treating the burn and for controlling the pain.
  • Keep the burn covered with a gauze. Secure the dressing with a tape. You have to replace the dressing once a day.
  • Keep the burned area clean by washing it everyday and applying the antibiotic ointment.
  • Pay attention if there is any infection to the burn. See if redness or swelling appears.
  • You can have a pain killer as second degree burns are quite painful.
  • If the burn area is large, you must go to the doctor.
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