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Treating a boiling water burn

Treating a boiling water burn


What to use: towel/sheets/washcloth, burn gel, sterile gauze, sterile bandages, pain reliever.

The basics of a burn

  • Check which is the degree of the burn. If the skin is red and swollen, then it may be a first degree burn.
    If blisters appear and the burn is swollen, they you may have a second degree burn, meaning that the second layer is burned. When all skin layers are burned, there is third degree burn and you must address to emergency immediately.
  • A first degree burn of a large area of a joint, buttocks, feet, hands, face or groin is an extremely dangerous burn. Same is the case of a second degree burn that has a diameter larger than 3 inches.
  • In case of first and second degree burns, coll the area using running cold water. If you can't use running water, take a wet gauze soaked in cold water. Don't use ice as it may cause frostbite.
  • Use a burn gel on the burn for relieving pain and for preventing infection.
  • Take a gauze and loosely dress the burn.
  • You can take an aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen for swelling and for relieving the pain.

In case of severe burns

  • Address to emergency immediately.
  • Don't remove the burned clothing and don't apply any ointments. Moreover, don't use running cold water on large areas.
  • Take a moist bandage, a towel or a sheet and cover the burned area. it's important to separate the burned toes and fingers and the to cover them with the gauze.
  • If the burn is not on the head, back, neck or leg, it's advisable to elevate the victim's feet in order to prevent shock. Do not put pillow under the victim.
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