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What exercises to do on the Dukan diet

What exercises to do on the Dukan diet

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Exercise plan for the Dukan Diet

The first stage is called Attack, and consists of a high protein diet. Therefore, muscular strength exercises are suggested to supplement this phase of the method of Dr. Dukan.
Proteins are construction and repair of muscle and tendon, increasing the size of the muscles, increases the metabolic rate, and therefore the body becomes much more efficient in degrading fats. Basic exercises like Squats, Lunge, Push Up or Remo, among others should not miss.

The second phase is called cruising, combine vegetable proteins. Physical activity can be a combination of aerobics, with the method of intervals with strength training routines. Interval method is a working period of approximately 1-3 minutes, followed by a break of 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

The third stage called consolidation incorporates two meals, so the aerobic exercise continuously for at least 30 minutes a day to 60 HRmax. , Is an ideal for weight control achieved and continue down.

The fourth stage or phase of stabilization, may be accompanied by more intense aerobic activity (70-80 HRmax. ) And systematic routine combined with a strength of major muscle groups. In this way, they burn calories during the exercise itself and in the resting phase

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