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The method of Dr. Dukan diet

The method of Dr. Dukan diet

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Dr. Dukan method proposes lose weight naturally from food consumption of 100, of which 72 are from animal origin and the remaining 28 are of plant origin.

To carry out this diet should implement four phases or stages.
These are satisfied from the start of it and can be transformed into a different form of eating throughout life.

Phases of Dukan Diet method

Attack diet In this phase 72 can consume animal foods. This is a high protein diet which aims to achieve an increased metabolism and increased weight loss.

Cruise diet During this stage alternate days of pure protein diet (Phase PP) with days of protein accompanied by some of the 28 recommended plant foods (Phase PV).

Consolidation diet This stage is down about 1 kilo every 10 days. It seeks to achieve the target weight and stay. They incorporate 2 more meals.

Stabilization diet Based on the implementation of three simple measures to implement. This phase is the most important because it prevents weight regain.

In this diet you will find guidelines, tips, recipes and products that allow you to lose weight and stay in the weight achieved. The important thing is that this like all diets you implement must be controlled, especially in the first stage, in which you must make a high protein diet.

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