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Dukan Diet after 40

Dukan Diet after 40

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During menopause metabolism slows thereby produces weight gain, which primarily reflected the abdominal level. To combat those extra kilos, the Dukan diet can give battle of the bulge.

Menopause does not affect all women equally, therefore there are different variations that you can keep in mind to lose or maintain weight without increasing it.

If you have always struggled to keep on weight, but currently do not have symptoms of menopause, it is suggested to begin in phase 3 or phase of consolidation.

If you start to suffer from hot flashes, fluid retention, bloating, headache, etc. . It is necessary to start at stage 2 or cruise phase.

However if you are a woman who has never had weight problems and also want to have it after the passage of menopause, can begin to implement phase 4 or phase stabilization.

If youre over forty and do not want to gain weight after menopause, the Dukan diet gives you the possibility you to tailor this diet to your needs and requirements.

Remember that physical activity is critical to complement Dr. Pierre Dukan diet.

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