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Redirecting an Alzheimer patient when he gets angry

Redirecting an Alzheimer patient when he gets angry


What to use: patience, education, understanding the disease and the suffering person.

  • Firstly, it's important to learn about the Alzheimer disease. Secondly, you have to find out which are the person's likes and dislikes and his regular behavior.
    Then, you have to know how to prevent accidents and how to control the environment.
  • For example if a person wants to get out a door and you tell him not to go, then he will become angry. The best way to handle this situation is ti talk to the person and to redirect him by telling him that that is a wrong door.
  • The moment you calmly redirect the person, he will turn and go with you. Afterward, you change the subject, as he quickly forgets. Ask him if he wants some coffee or a snack.
  • In case the person keeps everyday routine try to think what did the person used to usually do about that time everyday. It's advisable to keep to their routine.
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