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Recognizing Alzheimer’s symptoms

Recognizing Alzheimer’s symptoms


What to use: observation, attentiveness, patience and support network.

  • Pay attention to changes that can point to Alzheimer’s. It has been said that balance and walking problems and weakened hand grip can indicate dementia, therefore Alzheimer’s.
  • Note if the person you are watching nods off to sleep easily, has an unusual walk or if he is losing coordination.
  • In case you find it difficult to take care of the person suffering from Alzheimer’s because of the more debilitating signs, it's recommended to hire a caregiver.
  • In the mid-stage the person's body declines and the person needs help with the hygiene. find information about how to provide care during this stage.
  • During the final stage of Alzheimer’s, the person's personality declines entirely and the body functions are lost.
  • Seek help, don't deny it. There are professionals and support groups that can give you assistance.
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