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Napping an infallible remedy

Napping an infallible remedy

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It has long been known to nap is essential for physical and neurological development of children under five years. It was also known that in old age was considered a good practice, but no one knew what was the benefit they receive from adults.

American Space Agency (NASA) considers that the ideal time of twenty minutes a day.

The Safety Board in the U.S. Transportation has conducted studies and has reached the following conclusion: a long nap that improves the performance of air traffic controllers in a thirty-four percent and enhances alertness in a fifty- four percent.

Seem to be shown that the human body has some windows that induce sleep during the day, so a nap that lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes could provide better quality of life at any age.

If it is taken after lunch produces muscle relaxation by helping the digestive system digestion.

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