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Home Remedies to Cure Insomnia

Home Remedies to Cure Insomnia

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Millions of people worldwide suffer from insomnia or some kind of problem that prevents sleep normally, such as sleeping in a little time every waking breath which will make the next morning awakenings with feeling of fatigue.

Insomnia can also lead to sleep does not appear until the wee hours of the morning or else the awakening occurs within hours of falling asleep while still missing hours before dawn.

Insomnia becomes chronic and night after night of sleep deprivation becomes desperate need to seek medical help.

The medicine has a battery of drugs for insomnia but in one way or another end up being addictive so should be careful to leave as a last resort.

Nature also provides remedies for sleep and can use them to achieve the dream and try to go controlling insomnia.

Home Remedies for Insomnia

– The orange peel tea is an old home remedy for insomnia that many people give very good results, so prepare: Peel an orange, color the shell in a cup, add boiling water, cover and let cool, drink half an hour before bedtime.

– Infusion of leaves or stem lettuce, another home remedy for sleep very effective and easy to prepare and you just have to put in a bowl a couple of lettuce leaves or a piece of the trunk, add boiling water and let it cool, it takes a while before going to sleep.

– A natural remedy for insomnia more rebellious is prepared as follows:

20 grams of lettuce leaves

10 grams of lime

5 g of Valerian

5 grams of opium poppy heads

15 grams of Passion

Boil in a little over a liter of water, placed in a container is preparation enough for about 5 days because it takes only one cup at night, if possible warm for a while before bedtime.

– A glass of warm milk, or sweetened with honey alone is what all grandmothers offered as a home remedy to get some sleep and say you can actually achieve a restful sleep with something so simple.

– The Lime or Linden tea (but not olive oil as some say) drinks a while before bedtime often be an effective home remedy for insomnia.

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