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Home Remedies for Flu

Home Remedies for Flu

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The common cold or flu is a disease usually very complicated but very upset associated with nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy throat, mild cough, and fever. Because influenza is a very old disease, the remedies for it abound.

There are many resources that can be used to relieve common cold, as the application of mustard poultices on the chest, or the use of garlic, although specialized tests have proven that they are not effective and have since been discarded.

Current resources of flu remedies vary in effectiveness. For years it was believed that the intake of vitamin C and echinacea can reduce the duration of the flu or prevent bothersome constipation. Recent studies suggest that none of these supplements is very helpful in curing or preventing influenza and its symptoms.

By contrast, zinc intake, which is another supplement has been shown to reduce sick days. Zinc can cause some people diarrhea or severe stomach pain, however, must prove that sensitivity is a small amount of zinc. If the cure is worse than the disease, the zinc should be avoided radically.

One of the classic remedies for the flu is chicken soup. Scientists speculate that chicken soup can be effective due to its combination of salt, fluids and proteins. It can also help stimulate the body when it feels heavy with the discomfort. In most cases, homemade chicken soup is better than canned because it has a lower sodium content.

On the other hand, many people try to alleviate the cold with decongestants or cough suppressants like syrup. Antihistamines such as Benadryl can also be useful, but that cause drowsiness.

One of the simplest decongestants can be prepared at home with nasal saline drops that are made with a combination of salt and water, this may help clear the nose, but usually returns congestion. However, doctors recommend these drops for those who are more prone to infections such as sinusitis.

A less invasive method to help clear blocked nose during the flu is to take a hot bath. In addition, humidifiers or vaporizers can help reduce congestion that may be complicated by dry air.

Young children, who often respond well to decongestants, can find an excellent tool to fight the flu with these steam baths. You should just sit in a bathroom with the shower running. Using a humidifier at night can also help reduce the incidence and the various symptoms of the flu.

Honey is a cough suppressant and very effective for use during the flu or several episodes of bronchitis. Honey should not be given to children under one year, because this substance contains the spores of botulism, a disease that strikes children easily.

Most doctors believe that fluid intake is very important when you have the flu. Fluid intake should include at least six to eight glasses of water, herbal tea or juice a day. Also, limit intake of caffeine, which actually dehydrates the body and makes the flu last longer.

Another method that can be useful to temporarily relieve congestion is to apply warm compresses to the face on both sides of the nose. The hot packs can help relieve congestion. One must be careful to leave very hot towel, especially when used on sensitive skin of young children. This treatment for the flu usually lasts only while applying the compresses.

Almost everyone knows or has certain any home remedies to treat flu, in many cases is taken from inheritance previous generations. When considering the use of a family tradition, make sure that treatment is in no way dangerous to health.

There is a common practice in the application of menthol in the nose, for example, this method can be dangerous for young children. As with the treatment of any disease, common sense and medical advice should be necessary.

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